Niomi MacLean-Daley was brought up in North London by a Scottish mother and a Jamaican father. She grew up listening to reggae and hip hop music. She is the eldest of eleven siblings. It was whilst working for a radio station, RAW FM, that Ms. Dynamite was discovered.

After working briefly with garage outfit So Solid Crew, she released her debut album, ‘A Little Deeper’ in 2002, featuring the songs ‘It Takes More’ and ‘Dy-Na-Mi-Tee’. The album was released in the USA the following year to critical acclaim. The Live8 concert in Hyde Park in July 2005 saw Ms Dynamite return to the stage.

After ‘A Little Deeper’ won the prestigious Mercury Music Prize for Album of the Year in September 2002, it was soon clear that there was more to Ms Dynamite than most pop stars.

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