Somalie’s been involved with the Dubai music scene since his late teens, however his beginnings were not in dance music. Having played the bass guitar for several Rock/Metal bands including forming his own progressive metal act, he kept evolving as a music fanatic and always sought new musical grounds until he recently stumbled upon the art of ‘DJing’ and a new found love for Drum ‘n Bass.

He quickly got a mix recorded and sent to Mach4, founder of Dubai’s longest running club night ‘Globalfunk’, which eventually secured him his first gig as a DJ opening for Jungle legends Kenny Ken and MC Moose.

From then, he went on and shared the decks with several Legends in the DnB scene including, Goldie, LTJ Bukem, Nicky Blackmarket and his all time hero, DJ Marky to name a few.

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